Shaun Thong – Comments on his record drive in the BAC Mono

The BAC Mono is famed for being the ultimate driving machine and as close to a formula experience on the track as is humanly possible. It’s no surprise, then, that it boasts almost 10 production car lap records around the world at some of the most iconic circuits – including the home of the Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang International.

Back in September 2018 with GT Series Asia driver Shaun Thong at the helm, the BAC Mono tackled the famous track in an astonishing 2:14.617 – over four seconds faster than the Porsche GT2 RS’s previous best time of 2:18.997.

A truly remarkable achievement for the British brand and indeed for Thong, who was full of praise for the renowned single-seater when we asked him about the driving experience: “BAC Mono is a very well made car. I personally love the concept of it being single-seater and road legal. Yet combining the elements of formula cars and making them usable on road,” he said.

“I was impressed when I first drove. The car is easier than I expected to handle and it suits people who love to do track activities and with a sophisticated car with superb performance for that purpose.”

BAC prides the Mono on being as thrilling on the road as it is world-beating on the track, with phenomenal handling and agility making every journey unforgettable. “The car felt like a road-legal Formula Renault, of course with less downforce but the basic of driving it just recalls my memory of doing junior single seaters years ago. I’d say the comfort on the road is actually not as harsh as people would have imagine,” explained Thong.

But could the Mono perform even better than on that day in 2018?

“We did the Sepang record with road-legal tyres. It would be very close to a junior single seater with racing tyres on – or maybe even matching, however it needs a new setup in order to maximise performance.”

Good news for Thong, then, that BAC does provide dedicated track set-ups and has specially homologated Pirelli tyres for every occasion on the circuit. It begs the question – are any worldwide production car lap records safe with the BAC Mono around?

We thank our WAC member BAC Mono and  Shaun Thong for the provided content.

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